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COVID vaccinations, miscarriages and fertility

COVID vaccinations, miscarriages and fertility

The hard truth: A conversation with Dr. Kimberly Biss, OB-GYN


Our message this week is tough to hear but important to understand, and I feel that we cannot not bury our heads in the sand on this matter.

The COVID “vaccines” are detrimental and dangerous to pregnant women and their babies, and to female and male fertility in general.

I repeat: They are damaging and killing babies, and they are damaging people’s ability to conceive.

It is my privilege to host the courageous, outspoken OB-GYN whistleblower, Dr. Kimberly Biss, for an extended conversation on this matter. I first heard of her at FLCCC 1, and then we met and had a lovely conversation at FLCCC 3 in Pheonix, leading to this podcast.

Join us as she shares her OB-GYN expertise and first-hand observations of the effects of these injections. And thank you, Dr. Biss, for speaking out.

  • After vaccine rollout, Dr. Biss saw her monthly miscarriage rates rise from 4% to 8% and then peak at 30%.

  • Federal government V-safe data revealed an alarming 83% overall miscarriage rate.

  • Possible reasons:

    • 1) Direct lipid nanoparticle or spike protein movement across the placenta, triggering an inflammatory response

    • 2) mRNA transmission across the placenta, triggering spike protein production within the fetus.

    • 3) Spike protein in the mother being structurally similar to embryonic proteins; thus, as the mother creates antibodies to spike protein antibodies, these same antibodies “inadvertently” react and destroy her embryo.

  • Recap of the Naomi Wolff findings from the post-marketing Pfizer data (that they wanted to hide for 75 years!) —fetal deaths, blue and green breastmilk, rashes on the baby (read more here and here)

  • Why has the OB-GYN community been largely silent?

    • ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) accepted $11 million from Health and Human Services to promote the vaccine (watch interview here)

    • “Evidence-based medicine” emphasis promotes adherence to protocols above critical thinking.

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Links for further reading:

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Jessica Rose's article on miscarriage data here

About Dr. Kimberly Biss:

Dr. Kimberly Biss, a graduate of Mount Holyoke College, obtained her BA in Biology in 1989 before pursuing her medical degree at Tufts University School of Medicine, which she completed in 1993. Following this, she embarked on a journey of surgical training, starting with a general surgery internship at Emory University School of Medicine in 1994, followed by a fulfilling residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg, Florida, which concluded in 1998.

Since then, Dr. Biss has dedicated herself to private practice in St. Petersburg, initially joining a practice and eventually founding her own in 2007, which has grown to include two physicians and three nurse practitioners. Beyond her professional endeavors, she finds joy in diverse interests such as cheering for her favorite ice hockey team, the Bolts, indulging in fine wines, embracing the challenge of heavy lifting, and cherishing moments of companionship with her beloved dog, Ben.

About Dr. Turner:

Michael K. Turner, M.D., is a graduate of Stanford University, Harvard Medical School, and The Mayo Clinic. He practices Integrative Medicine in his own national concierge practice, providing personalized approaches (including hormones, sleep, recovery, nutrition, supplements and exercise) to help people achieve their optimal state of health. Called “genuine”, “caring”, and “the best doctor in the world” by patients, he brings a high degree of empathy, trademark optimism, and a holistic approach to patient care. He brings a passion for excellence to everything he does. He believes in living and modeling a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  

What would it feel like to be as healthy as you could possibly be?

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