Sep 16 • 31M

Dr. Pierre Kory joins Dr. Turner on his podcast - Part 2

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In case you missed it, this is an amazing conversation with a true, pioneering medical hero. It was so good it went 1.5 hours -- and we were still flying high at the end!

At the request of our readers, we are breaking in into 3 smaller sections. Hoping this helps you dive into and digest everything this spectacular discussion has to offer.


Dr. Kory has entered the building!.. Join Dr. Turner for Part 2 of a unique, in-depth conversation with the man who needs no introduction as they pick up where part 1 left off and delve deep into subjects like:

  • What was it like testifying before congress and then going viral on YouTube (before being deleted)?

  • Who are the opposition? And what are their chief tactics against Ivermectin?

  • What have pathologists uncovered about COVID-19 through autopsy examinations?

  • What is regulatory capture?

  • Who does the pharmaceutical industry control?

  • We know who fought the war on Ivermectin, but who led the war?

  • The disinformation playbook on Ivermectin: Unraveling the five strategies used to misrepresent scientific data.


Dr. Pierre Kory is a former chief of the Critical Care Service at the University of Wisconsin and a pioneer in critical care ultrasonography. Before COVID-19, he was known internationally, serving as a senior editor for the textbook "Point of Care Ultrasound." During the pandemic, he co-founded and led the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, focusing on effective COVID-19 treatments. Dr. Kory has coauthored numerous peer-reviewed papers on COVID-19 and is an expert on the disease and treatments like ivermectin. Renowned as a top educator, he has won several teaching awards. He also co-founded The Leading Edge Clinic, a tele-health service specializing in COVID-19 vaccine injuries and long COVID syndromes.