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Post-COVID and Anti-Aging Solutions

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Post-COVID and Anti-Aging Solutions

Dr. Turner joins Tim James on the Health Hero Podcast to discuss Post-COVID and Anti-Aging Solutions

Featured on this podcast:

  • Video games, poor nutrition, and how societal programming effects childhood development both mentally and physically

  • Sugar is as addictive as cocaine

  • Integrative medicine vs. traditional medicine 

  • Long COVID symptoms and self-treatment options

  • How microplastics can affect hormones

  • How society is devolving physically: Obesity, endocrine status, estrogenic children

  • The power of Fish Oil for brain health (Fish Oil) 

  • Melatonin can help fight cancer

  • Boosting glutathione levels with NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine)

  • Micronized turmeric benefits as an anti-inflammatory (best recommended brand) 

  • Finding the root cause of inflammation and avoiding masking the problem with supplements

  • Ivermectin-- what is does and how it was discovered

  • Intermittent fasting and mitochondrial health

  • Saturated fats and inflammation

  • Most potent anti-aging concepts: oxidative stress, optimizing sleep, exercise, DNA repair (Quercetin)

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Health & Wellness with Dr. Turner
Manna with Dr. Turner
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